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Feb 2013

If It Meets All Your Wants And Needs, That Is Your House

When our Buyer Specialist meets with her clients for the first time, she asks a lot of questions. She continues to drill down until she is “inside their heads” and has a firm grasp of what it is they are looking for in a home.

Not content with the answer, “open floor plan”, for instance, she will peel back more layers. “When you say, ‘open floor plan’, just what does that look like? Paint a picture for me.” An open floor plan may mean very few walls for some clients. For others it may mean lots of windows and natural light. As they are describing their dream home, she is taking great notes and asking even more questions.

She is doing this with the goal of finding them the home without wasting time. After all, time is a precious commodity, and she wants to make the very best use of their time and hers.

Experienced Agents Master The Art Of Intentional Listening

You may think all Realtors know how to do this straight out of real estate school, but intentional listening truly is a learned art. Most of us in the real estate business, if we are honest, have to confess that when we first got licensed we were so excited to have a buyer client that we would simply jump in the car, meet them at a home, and hope for the best. I know I used to do it when I was still “wet-behind-the-ears” in real estate, and ended up showing entirely too many homes to my clients that didn’t meet their needs and wants at all. Why? I failed to do an upfront in depth interview. I didn’t listen well. A lot of time was wasted, clients got frustrated, and I hate to think about the time prospective sellers wasted preparing to show their homes to buyers for whom their home was not a fit.

The First Meeting

Now, thanks to experience and proper training, our team understands the beauty and the benefit of doing our homework early and doing it well. Working smarter. Being prepared.

Our buyer specialist arranges her first meeting with prospective buyer clients at our office. She has a presentation prepared that explains how she will be working hard for them to find them the perfect home, and will negotiate the very best price and terms she can for them. She will explain that in order for her to best serve them, they should get pre-approved with a lender so that they will know exactly what their buying power is and what types of mortgages will work best for them. She will share a copy of our Greater Louisville Association of Realtors sales contracts so they will know what to expect once they find their home. And then she will ask them to create their “wish” list based on the area(s) and price point they not only qualify for, but more importantly, what is comfortable for them.

That’s Your House!

She will counsel them that it is not quantity, but quality. Once she finds them a home that meets all of their wants and needs and even a few wishes and dreams – that’s the one. That’s the house. The chances of finding another home that fits their criteria is probably small, so her advice to them will be to be prepared to write an offer on that home.

Sometimes that’s a hard concept for buyers to grasp. Shouldn’t they continue to look in hopes that another one – even better, bigger, and with a smaller price tag – might be waiting to pop up on the market next week? That’s possible, but not probable.

If the home is in the right price range, is located in one of your favorite neighborhoods, has the square footage, the layout, the amenities you have on your checklist, it is your home. Make that offer and get ready for closing day.

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