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Sep 2013

Walk-In Closets Sell Homes, Believe It Or Not!

Kitchens and baths sell homes, but your walk-in closet can also help you win the buyer for your Louisville home!

Confession time: Our walk-in closet was a total disaster. Well, at least my side of the closet. My husband is a neat freak, and everything is in its place. My side needed some serious help. I was at the point where I needed help, and I hired a woman who specializes in 9-1-1 cases like mine.

As she explained it, your walk-in closet reflects your life. Uh-oh! What was my closet saying about me? That my life was out of control? I had to admit there was a loud ring of truth to that. I get so busy in the world of real estate that I found myself grabbing the first thing I saw in the closet and racing out the door. When I came home I tended to hang the clothes back up in the first space available. The result: chaos.

Get Organized

Whatever it takes to whip your closet into shape, it is important to get it lean and attractive, especially if you are selling your home. Carve out a day you are going to do this, and keep at it until you have really made some progress.

Make three piles:

  • Keeper pile: These are all the clothes, shoes and accessories you love and wear regularly and are in your size and make you feel good when you wear them.
  • Giveaway pile: These are all the clothes, shoes, and accessories that no longer fit (Yes, get rid of those “incentive” dresses that are 3 sizes smaller than you are right now. If you get back down to that dress size, treat yourself to some new clothes!). Also get rid of clothing that is outdated or that you just never wear anymore. If you haven’t worn it in over a year, take it to a local charity.
  • Trash pile: We all have a trash pile: socks with holes, ties that date back to the Nixon Era, etc. You will know what to throw in the trash pile once you take a long, hard look at everything.

Once you pare down what will go back into your closet, place everything back in a very purposeful way. One of the things I learned was to use the same hangers throughout your closet. Not only will it look neater and more uniform, but it will also help free up space.

Group like kind items together. Group similar colors together. Even separate your work clothes from your “play” clothes. If you have room in your closet to add shelving for your folded clothing, make sure things are neat and tidy on the shelves. For belts and other accessories, adding labeled baskets or plastic bins are another way to keep things neat and organized.

Make sure there is plenty of light in the closet. Add lighting if necessary, or just change out your light bulbs.

It’s Showtime!

It can be rather unnerving to know that perfect strangers are looking inside your closets, but if everything is tidy and clean, you won’t mind so much. And it will communicate to potential buyers that you have plenty of room in your closets for everything – and they will be able to better visualize their own things fitting in that closet. And while your home is on the market, you will feel better about being able to find your best outfits without digging through a clothing jungle!

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