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Aug 2015

What Most Home Buyers Are Looking For In A Home

home-buyerHere’s how many conversations with potential new buyers start out:

“We want a gourmet kitchen.”

“Okay, let’s talk about that some more. Describe to me what you mean by ‘gourmet kitchen’. Paint me a picture. Tell me what your dream gourmet kitchen needs to include.”

When our Buyer Specialists sit down with new clients, they introduce themselves and talk about how they can help them find a home that they will love. But it starts with intently listening – drilling down to exactly what they want in their new home.

Here are some of the top things they tell us they want in their new home.

Have you always wanted to know what most home buyers are look for in a home? Although every home can’t have everything, you can make sure your home has everything possibly available, well… available! Here’s what most home buyers are looking for in a home:

  • A separate laundry room. According to MSN Money, the Number 1 thing most buyers are looking for is a separate laundry. In fact, it’s a full 93% of buyers! If your home doesn’t currently have a separate laundry room, can you add one? Is there some ‘dead’ space that could be converted to a laundry room, maybe a portion of your basement that could be sectioned off (not just open to the rest of the basement), or at least doors that could cover your current laundry area and shelves or cabinets added above or next to the washer and dryer? If so, it’s a great investment in your time and money. This being the #1 item most buyers are looking for easily make this a “do whatever you can to get it done” item!

  • Great exterior lighting. The Number 2 item is great exterior lighting. Not only will great lighting add to the curb appeal of any home, it also adds a great measure of security, automatically making potential buyers feel safer. If you can’t add more lighting, at least upgrade the lighting you do have to add extra brightness and security. What about adding solar lighting along the driveway and/or walkways? Tiki torches around the patio or deck? Motion lights around the home? All these are great ways to add extra lighting, which is very important since 90% of potential buyers are looking for great lighting on a home.

  • Energy efficient windows. Rated just a shade below great exterior lighting is Energy Star-qualified windows, at 89%. Great windows can not only add a great new look to your home and save you on your utility bills, it can really increase the value of your home, getting you a higher price for your home. If nothing else, at least replace any badly settled or broken windows with energy efficient windows. Better yet, replace all windows on a portion of the home – most notably the side where the worst winds come from, or the room that seems to not be insulated as well.

  • Garage storage space. Rated Number 4 on the MSN Money list of what most home buyers are looking for in a home is great garage space at 86%. It’s really not that hard or expensive to hang a few sheets of peg board. And don’t forget to hang several tools, brooms, etc. to show prospective buyers how easy it is to use. I recommend using the hooks specially made for these boards since they are so easy to move so it can be used however works best for you – and the new homeowners! You can also purchase older shelving from yard sales, auctions, etc. to place in the garage. They also make large, sturdy plastic shelving especially for heavier, bulkier items.

  • Eat-in kitchens. I was actually surprised this one wasn’t farther up the list of wants, but it did come in Number 5 at 85%. We hear this request – a lot! Even if it will only fit a smaller table with four chairs, this can make it a great place for breakfast before work and school, or a quick lunch before the kids head back outside to play. That way families are able to keep their more formal dining rooms – formal!

  • Kitchen pantry. Tied with eat-in kitchens at 85%, having a kitchen pantry is just another of the top things most home buyers are looking for in a home. No built-in pantry in your kitchen and no space to add one? How about adding a pantry in the nearby laundry room? Or use some creative ideas on how to add cabinet space to a crowded kitchen.

  • Wireless home security system. Although this one comes in at Number 7 and just 50%, this feature is becoming more and more popular. Home security systems aren’t nearly as expensive as they used to be so don’t rule this one out, thinking it’s way too expensive. There are a lot of national companies as well as local companies that can help you with a new security system. They can also walk through your home and give you suggestions on other ways to make your home safer. If you know a police officer that might be willing to do this, even better since you know they’re not just trying to sell you something – and they see evidence of safety breaches all the time.

I hope you enjoyed this list of what most home buyers are looking for in a home, and if you have anything you would like to add to this list, please let me know!

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