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Mar 2012

Should The Louisville Housing Market Beware The Ides Of March?

How well has our Louisville area real estate market fared as compared to mid-March 2011?  Should Sellers and Buyers be approaching the Spring market with a strange sense of foreboding? Me Thinketh Not. In fact, this Louisville Realtor is seeing the housing market heating up, and we are even experiencing – dare I say it? Read the full article…

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Mar 2012

8 Reasons Why You Should Hire Aunt Marge When Selling Your Louisville Home

Everybody has an “Aunt Marge” in the real estate business, right? Here Are 8 Reasons Why You Should List With Aunt Marge: She thinks your 1970’s furniture is the latest in shabby chic and tells you she “wouldn’t change a thing!” She tells you to stay home for every showing with the kids and the dogs because Read the full article…

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Mar 2012

Tips For Pricing Your Louisville Home Right In The First Place

The Shafer Team Will Help You Find The Right Price For Your Louisville Home

It’s the key ingredient you need to achieve a successful sale.  It’s like playing “The Price Is Right” TV game show.   When you get closest to the right price without going over, lights go off, the audience applauds, and you win the grand prize.  Price it too high, you hear the sound of that Read the full article…

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Feb 2012

Key Reasons Why You Should List Your Louisville Home Now

The Shafer Team

Here in “Bluegrass Country” in the dead of winter the grass isn’t “blue” and it’s certainly not green.  In fact, it’s rather brown, and crunches under foot.  The trees are bare, and on most days we are bundled up in our coats. So why would it make sense to put your Louisville home on the Read the full article…

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Feb 2012

5 Key Reasons Why Your Louisville Home Isn’t Selling

7 Key Reasons Your Louisville Home Isn

They pop up every day.  A long list of “expired” and “cancelled” listing contracts.  Sellers are left frustrated and anxious because their home failed to sell.  Why?  There are many factors at play here, but let’s look at the Top Seven reasons the sign on the home down the street says, “SOLD” and you seem Read the full article…

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